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As Important as the Barcelos Legend is, so is the Marinade Recipe used for Barcelos Chicken, which is so old its Origins cannot be traced. Using the Finest Quality Chickens, Barcelos Chickens are Marinated for 24 hours and then Flame Grilled to absolute perfection.


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Barcelos currently boasts 107 outlets in 11 countries across the globe and we are constantly expanding towards new horizons. The current trend which is moving towards poultry products both for health and affordability reasons combined with the Barcelos concept is undoubtedly a recipe for success. An In-house design and draughting department takes care of the continuous development of new outlets.

A dedicated team is the driving force behind the operations of this specialist franchise company and this approach of hard work and passion corroborates an ideal business partner for the novice in the food industry. Full operational and managerial training are the pillars of this enterprising company. On going product and systems development supports this concept of franchising and makes for a profitable Fast Food concept.

The Barcelos range of chicken products are known for their quality and generous portions and promote return visits to the site.

For international franchise enquiries contact:
Costa Mazzis
+27 83 734 8893
Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken

Welcome to Barcelos Botswana.

The official home of Portuguese flavour...with heart. The Barcelos family are spread all over the globe and now even Botswana.With the flame grilled chicken in this country almost everyone can enjoy the taste.With 11 franchise shops already open, and even still new franchisee to come .

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